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The "elephant" project

For the past two years, I have been going to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand to spend several days with them. It's disturbing to see and approach these beautiful animals and even more disturbing to learn their stories. The sanctuary I go to is quite small, about twenty elephants in all. They are well fed, housed and very well cared for. They have "earned" their place after years or even decades of abuse in places where they are still treated cruelly: either by forced labour or as a tourist attraction.

If you go to Thailand, flee these places where you are offered a ride on the back of an elephant: these animals are subjected to very bad treatment, they are often beaten and most of the time they are poorly fed. To take a high ride, it would be better to do it on the roof of a truck.

In 2019 I go back, this time to take care of them, with manual therapy. I won't be alone, but with a few other therapists. It is a pilot project, supervised, of course, by the veterinarian in charge of the sanctuary.

I take the opportunity, while in Thailand in 2019, to teach Niromathé. If you are interested, you could both learn a new manual therapy and visit these sweet pachyderms or visit Thailand which is full of surprises.

The images below are a jumble of some pictures taken at the elephant sanctuary and others at the villa where the training takes place.

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