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A few things about me

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Le concept
I would qualify it of out of the ordinary. This section will be developed in the coming months.
Le thérapeute
At least one current project: elephants.
Then, others will be added soon.
Livres importants
Major book on interoception by Arthur D. Craig

A.D. Craig, How Do You Feel? - An Interoceptive Moment with Your Neurobiological Self

Fishing, cooking, everything related to the sea except sharks.
This section will be developed in my spare time...

French translation (by Louise Tremblay) of DermoNeuroModulation

D. Jacobs, DermoNeuroModulation. Traduction française par
L. Tremblay

A good book on pain.

Prof G. Lorimer Moseley and Dr David S. Butler, Explain Pain Supercharged

Osteopathy thesis by Louise Tremblay on therapeutic pause.

L. Tremblay, Le temps d'intégration somatosensorielle / la pause thérapeutique en ostéopathie, thérapie manuelle et travail corporel.

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