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La thérapie manuelle, ça peut s'appliquer aussi aux autres mammifères : ils possèdent des neurones, de la peau et un cerveau.

Manual Therapy:
Different Strategies
A Common Objective

Here we are, me and Jan Peng, the first elephant with whom I had the pleasure to practice a bit of manual therapy. Before Covid, it was a pleasure to visit each year the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and to take the time to touch them, therapeutically. Time has changed...
But make no mistake: I practise and teach manual therapy for humans, not animals. Elephants are a passion.

I prepared this site so that you know me better. It is important for those who will do my trainings to know who the teacher is and what his approach is.

Through this website, I also want to introduce the three manual therapy strategies that I teach: Bowen, DermoNeuroModulation and Niromathé.

I will take this opportunity to share my current work with you, as it becomes available, and I will add some previous work and presentations that have "inspired" other instructors. I must admit that I am very sensitive to copyright and intellectual property. I always try, and I think I do quite well, to quote the authors and researchers who inspired me, and who taught me so many important things, with the greatest respect. I hope this will be an inspiration for those who might find an interest in my work.

Enjoy reading!

No part of this website and its content may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permision of the author.

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