I'm presenting you a list of inspired and inspiring persons. This list will grow as we travel in the world.


Also, a list of interesting books, in relation or not with the Bowen therapy.




Inspiring people


Dr Jean Claude Guimberteau

Thanks to Dr Guimberteau for the superb pictures in my website.

  • Cofounder and scientific director of the Aquitaine Hand Institute (I.A.M)
  • member of the French Hand Society (GEM) and of the French Plastic and Reconstructive Society (SF.C.P.R.E)


Dr Luc Bodin

Lecturer and instructor, Dr Bodin chose the alternative medicines. He plays an important role in the society in spreading through his boods and Websites et ses the necessary information to understand the importance of these alternative therapies.

At the same time he was finishing his Doctorat in Medecine in the early 80', he learned acupuncture, homoepathy, sophrology and laser therapy. During his 25 years of medical practice he added osteopathy, mesotherapy, oligotherapy, phytotherapy and nutrition. He completed with PNL training, micro-nutrition, micro-immunotherapy, energy cares, TFT and Ho’oponopono. The last universitary diploma he obtained, was a diploma in Clinical Cancerology in 2004.

Barbara Claus

Ma favorite artist. Barbara Claus

John Wilks

A musician... from Oxford University, England...who became a Bowen therapist, a Bowen instructor and a cranio-sacral instructor? Yes, it is possible: this is him. More: John elaborated withTom Gibb, an english journalist, a charity program to teach Bowen to the suffering people of Salvadore. Very inspiring.

Patrik Rousselot

My best Bowen teacher. Thank you Patrik!!


Interesting reading

Biel Andrew, Trailguide to the body, Books of Discovery

Boyesen Gerda, Entre psyché et soma, Payot

Doidge Norman, Les étonnant pouvoirs de transformation du cerveau, Belfond, France

Gershon Michael D, The Second Brain, Harper

Guimberteau Jean Claude, Strolling under the skin, ADF Vidéo production, Vannes, France, (2005) 28 minutes

Guyton Arthur C. Neurosciences, Neuroanatomie et Neurophysiologie, Les Éditions Piccin, Padova, Italie

Janssen Thierry, La solution intérieure, Editions Fayard

Lazorthes Guy, L’ouvrage des sens, Éditions Flammarion, Paris, France

Lavatelli René, Vision, toucher, relation thérapeutique, Édition René Lavatelli

Levine Peter A., Waking the tiger, North Atlantic Books

Myers Tom, Anatomy trains, Churchill Livingstone

Odent Michel, The Farmer and the Obstetrician, Free Association Books Limited, London, England

Oschman James L., Energy Medicine, Churchill Livingstone,

Paoletti Serge, Les fascias, Rôle des tissus dans la mécanique humaine Éditions Sully, Vannes, France

Ramachandran V.S., Le fantôme intérieur, Odile Jacob

Tremblay Louise, The Little Bowen Book, Les Éditions Louise Tremblay, Montréal, Canada

Tricot Pierre, Approche tissulaire de l’ostéopathie, Éditions Sully, Vannes, France

Wilks John, The Bowen technique, the inside story, CYMA


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Many thanks

Thanks to these Bowen therapists who helped me with the translations.

I leave you their contact. Do not hesitate to consult them. They are wonderful students and Bowen therapists